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Site Terms comprehensive enterprise information dissemination Yonago
By sending using the Internet for information about the company in the city Yonago, site information dissemination comprehensive enterprise Yonago Article 1 (. Referred to as "Site") is, with the aim of contributing to the revitalization of the local economy to.
[Name and domain name]
Article 2 The name of this site, you and Company Search Yonago.
Domain name of the site (2) The www.yonago-kensaku.com.
Article 3 The site, Yonago is opened.
Operation and management of this site (2) The commission shall be carried out by the Chamber of Commerce in Yonago (. Referred to as an "operational management" below).
[Credential Listings]
Individuals with workplaces Yonago city, who can apply to be listed on this site for information regarding its business Article 4 (. Referred to as the "criteria for inclusion") is, and the corporation or organization.
[Listing fees]
Charges relating to the inclusion of such information to the Site Article 5 (. Called "Share" below), and free of charge.
[Restriction of publication]
For information on any of the following items: Article 6, we do not posted on this site.
  1. What about companies that are deemed not to business or business does not actually exist (1)
  2. What about the company that you may have violated these Terms (2)
  3. Relates to its members or persons concerned gangsters defined (Act No. 77 of 1991) Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (3) Article 2, No. 2
  4. Relates to sales to fall under any of Section 11 from Section 6 (Act No. 122 of 1948) Act Regulating Adults Entertainment Business, etc. (4) or Article 2, Paragraph 1
  5. Relates to religious or political activities (5)
  6. Which contains the contents of the false (6)
  7. Those operated administrator finds that there is a risk that falls under any of the following: (7), or the appropriate
    1. Which disrupts the technical management of the site or access this
    2. Contrary to public order or morality
    3. Shall be in violation of applicable laws and regulation
    4. Which violate the human rights of a third party
    5. Misunderstanding or give a disadvantage to those who browse this site option
  8. What was observed in addition to those listed in the preceding items (8), it is operated by the administrator on this site may be inappropriate
[Your Information]
For the facility manager, an Article 7 criteria for inclusion, when you want to be listed on this site for information about its business, shall be submitted in the prescribed application form stating the necessary information.
And qualified personnel posted the administrators and management about that in a case where, notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the facility manager will have knowledge of qualified personnel posted to this website information about your criteria for inclusion the When agreed upon between, you shall not be required to submit the application form provided for in that paragraph.
In advance, the criteria for inclusion (3) When you try to use the subject matter of copyright and other rights of a third party to the information you want to be listed on this site, you must obtain the consent of the third party.
When there is a sign up in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (1), facility management (4) When you have an agreement in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 or is intended to review the content of the information relating to the agreement or the application in question.
5 is an operational management, finds that the results of the examination set forth in the preceding paragraph, such information does not fall under any of the items of Article 6, it is assumed that the information posted on this site.
[Such as a change of information posted]
person who has been posting information on this site Article 8 (. Hereinafter referred to as the "User"), when you want to change the content or delete the (. Called "published information" below) the information provided on this site said, management by the method specified by the administrator, that effect (if you want to change the content of the published information, the contents of that effect and after the change) must be reported to the facility manager, the.
Facility management (2) When there is a notification of the deletion in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, it shall remove the posted information pertaining to the notification.
After having examined the contents of such changes, facility management (3) When there is a notification of change in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1, it is assumed to change the information published.
[Stop Share]
Facility management Article 9, the following cases, you can notify the user without having to pre-cancel the Share.
  1. For users (1), the filing of a petition for commencement of rehabilitation proceedings based on the Civil Rehabilitation Law (No. 225 of the Act of 1999), or bankruptcy petition for the commencement of proceedings correction based on the Corporate Reorganization Act (No. 154 of the Act of 2002) When there is a petition for commencement of bankruptcy proceedings based on the law (Law No. 75, 2004), when the other user's credit standing has fallen.
  2. When the user (2) is in breach of these Terms.
  3. When it is found that the published information (3) is applicable to any one of up to No. 7 of Article 6 No. 1.
  4. When approved by the facility manager in addition to the cases listed in the preceding items (4), it is possible to keep your information is not appropriate.
[Principle of self-responsibility]
Article 10 of the user, it is assumed that the information posted, all responsible.
Regardless of whether or not the user's intention or negligence, for damages of any third party, it is assumed that the user is an administrative or all damages or Yonago caused due to information 2 posts.
[Suspension of this site]
Without notifying the user in advance, to modify the contents of this site, facility management Article 11, when it finds that maintenance or management of the Site, improve, and there is a need for such improvements, or this I will be able to stop the publication of the site.
Facility management, it is assumed that the information published, completeness, accuracy, applicability and usefulness with respect to, and no liability whatsoever Yonago Article 12.
Due to be discontinued and Share pursuant to the provisions of Article 9 of the 2, to modify the contents of this site in accordance with the provisions of the preceding Article, to stop publishing, or was interrupted the publication of this site by a network failure or a natural disaster or administrators and management Yonago, for damages of a third party, shall not be liable for damages resulting from use or his.
[Revision of terms]
Yonago Article 13 may, without the consent of the user, to amend this Agreement.
In advance, when it finds two Yonago, that there is a risk of a significant impact on the user to revise the Terms by this, I assume that for the amendment, the notice in this site.
Yonago (3) In the event that this contract was amended, You shall be operated by the administrator, the terms and conditions posted on this site after the said amendment.
Effect of the revised terms 4 is assumed to arise from the date of the notice referred to in the preceding paragraph.
[Effective Date]
Article 14 This Agreement shall enter into force from October 1, 2010.
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